Wedding in Solna

Before the big wedding season rush started, I met a few new people in the wedding industry.  We came together to create a beautiful wedding in Solna.  This is why we did it and what really happens behind the scenes.

As a wedding Makeup Artist, I like to meet other like-minded artists to connect with.  In this way, if one of my brides are looking for a certain service provider, I can refer my brides to them.

Jessica Hanlon from Eve’s Eye Picture Perfect were looking for a Makeup Artist, when she first contacted me, and Kristina Veltblom from Systerblom found me on Instagram.  Normally when I am interested in working with someone, I like to meet them beforehand to get an idea of who the person is; how that person works and if our work has chemistry together.  I want to be sure that I can trust my collaborating partner and be sure that he/she is reliable and will take good care of my brides.

After two wonderful meetings with Jessica and Kristina, we decided to work together by creating a wedding in Solna….

(This story is interrupted due to planning for an exhibition of Sweden’s wedding expo, Bröllopsfeber.  Stay tuned for the full story, coming soon)

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