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My First Film Work – Min Första Film Jobb

The Stockholm International Film Festival is currently on from 11-22 November 2015. Even though the festival will be coming to an end on Sunday, you can still enjoy some movie time throughout the year when you become a member.This way you can also support the film students and give youth the opportunity to visit the festival. […]

Make-up tips from a model – makeup tips från en model inför höstlov

  Platin Carlson is the name of the model which I recently had the pleasure in meeting and working with.  She is the owner of the blog <>  which grows bigger each day. She writes about her life as model; about her film and other modelling assignments and she also writes about certain health […]

Cancer Foundation: meet the fashion designers. New: Self-examination product. Cancerfonden: mode. Nyhet: självundersöknings produkt.

October month in Sweden means cancer awareness month.  Everyone who supports the foundation, in research to fight against cancer, show their support by wearing a designed pink ribbon. When I went to the pharmacy and picked up the ribbon, I thought “it looks like boobs…hmmm…it’s probably men that designed this one”. I was right, the trio […]

Next step: Going on interviews…

There was an open casting this past weekend at the Filmhuset (Film House) in Stockholm. The casting was for actors and to be on a film company’s records for future films. This was in conjunction with Sweden’s first acting fair or expo, called Hello Actors 2015 for actors and actresses. It was quite interesting with […]

Train of thoughts to porcelain doll – en ide utvecklas

Our team, Fashion Approved, decided it was time to create a new theme for our project. We have done a few dark and colourful makeups and I decided it was time to do something soft and romantic. This is how the idea evolved… While Sara digged into her magic bag searching for the right material, […]

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