My blog

My Journey

My blog is about finding work in Stockholm as a Make-up Artist. A friend inspired me to start a blog. Starting your own business in a new country with no background of the language or culture is for sure a challenge. Friends and family kept asking me how do I stay positive.  That’s when I […]

Coming Soon

The maternity leave is slowly going to be reduced in order for me to come back to work.  From the second week of April I will be back to work two days per week. The joy and love which a new mother feels for her little baby is indescribable. Then I also have to say […]

Film Festival & Current Situation

The Stockholm Film Festival is currently on from 5 to 16 November 2014. The Stockholm Achievement Award goes this year to Uma Thurman.  She will visit us in November to receive her Bronze Dala Horse award and those who bought tickets to the event will have the opportunity in meeting her. Read more here: […]

Getting a Swedish Passport part 1

We have decided that we would like to become Swedish citizens, but we would also like to keep our South-African citizenship.  We thought it would make things easier for us if we would visit friends and family. My husband still travels back and forth for work and if a future freelance opportunity arises for me, […]

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