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Fashion for a good cause

As most of you already know, I lost my mother due to cancer and I like to support the cancer foundation in the hope that they will one day found a cure for this illness.  Each year in October the foundation has a campaign which runs the whole month to collect funds for research and […]

My visit to South-Africa

            We were in South-Africa for a few weeks and came back on Monday evening.  We had a lovely time and I am glad to be back in Sweden.  I forgot what a rat-race it is in Gauteng and how fast the people talk.  Any case, I gathered a few […]

Film makeup for a fashion brand

A film company contacted me earlier this year.  This film team are from London in the United Kingdom, or Great Britain as we call it here in Sweden.  They were planning a trip to Stockholm to do the filming here.  It was a short commercial clip which they were filming for the opening of a […]

Swedish Fashion Magazine: Guldknappen Fashion Show: Day2

In my previous entry, I talked about my experience with the Swedish fashion magazine Damernas Värld – (Woman’s World) at their fashion awards and fashion show. Now I would like to talk a bit about how it all started – my interest in the fashion industry; my previous experience working on other fashion shows and […]

Swedish Fashion Magazine: Guldknappen Awards & Fashion Show

Swedish Fashion Magazine: Guldknappen Awards & Fashion Show

This is a dear diary moment, a big step in my career, a huge dream coming true.  I have had the privilege in doing makeup for an event for the Swedish Fashion Magazine, Damernas Värld.  It is a very prestigious event called “Guldknappen” or the gold button.  It is stretched over two days.  The first […]

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