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A short notice, but happy bride.

One of my husband’s colleagues were planning in getting married this year.  To be honest my head is a bit spinning with all the new work coming.  Plus, taking care of our baby until he goes to kindergarten in August.  I feel a little bit embarrassed to say I can’t remember the reason why they […]

Swedish citizenship

We have received our Swedish citizenship last year – remember I talked briefly about it previously.  This year our whole family received an invitation to celebrate our Swedish citizenship – medborgarceremoni at the Ulriksdal Slottsteater, Confidencen, a Royal Theatre, in Solna.  This was indeed a dear-diary moment. While I was sitting, waiting for my name […]

Our latest makeover

If you have been following my blog, then you should know by now that my business partner and I have started a makeover business together called Sputnes & van Staden Image Stylists.  We offer complete makeover packages to both private and corporate clients.  Karin is one of our recent private clients.  Her daughter decided to […]

Bohemian bride – bohemiska bröllop

  Earlier this year, I met an amazing wedding Photographer at the Bröllopsfeber wedding expo in Nacka. When I went there with a friend I wasn’t looking for doing networking, but more to get new inspiration.  Cherrie Coutts was talking on the stage, giving some tips for the brides about what you should think of […]

Mia; Mia & Mia

A lot has happened the past few weeks, wonderful things. First of all my business, Mia Angeli Bei, has celebrated its fourth year as a registered business in Sweden last week.  This year, I will be celebrating my tenth year as a professional Makeup Artist.  In 2014 when I become pregnant, I focused on our […]

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