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Combination skin – Blandat hy

Combination skin: Previously, we talked about what a normal and oily skin type looks like.  The third kind is a combination skin.  The name is exactly what it says.  It is a combination of an oily and dry skin.  Have you ever heard of a t-zone? well, it’s the whole area on your forehead and […]

Wedding Makeup 90’s theme – Bröllopsminkning som 90 talet

  Bröllop makeup 90 talets teman: Jag har gjort den no-makeup sminkning så många gånger förut att jag tror att om någon skulle väcka mig i de tidiga morgontimmarna och ber mig att göra det, att jag skulle kunna göra det med en kopp kaffe i ena handen och en makeup borste i den andra handen. […]

How to know if you have an oily skin – Fet hy

Last week we had a look at what a normal skin is.  In two words – baby skin. Now we can look at which changes happens when we get older.  Normally in our teenage years and mostly due to hormonal changes, the skin’s normal oil glands becomes overactive and secrete too much oil.  That results in enlarged […]

Skin101 – what is your skin type?

So many of my clients does not know what skin type they have.  Which means the skin might probably not have that healthy glow which a bride normally longs for.  I have decided to help you, my reader, to know all the different types of skin and how to care for it.  So you can know how […]

Summer bride hair – ljusare sommarhår för en brud

(Picture is taken from Pinterest) Today’s beauty tip is for all the summer brides who would like to lighten their hair for their wedding day.  What could be a better way to lighten it in a natural way… with lemons and the sun. Squeeze out a regular size or two lemons and mix it with […]

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