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Having a thorough experience as a make up artist in film and commercials in both Europe and South Africa, I know how important make up is to create certain characters for certain themes.  Whether it is to create a character for an advertisement or to transform an actor into a specific character, with my makeup techniques, research skills and passion, I will create the character and effects according to your vision.


Examples from my Portfolio


Movies and commercials

Screen shot 2013-04-03 at 16.15.26   niox_web

Showreel Examples

Please click on the links below to see live examples.

Enerfydriving Reklam
Niox Reklam

Michael Kors: My Arrival campaign

Special Effects

Abs_before Abs_after

Gel burn3 Latex burn

Theatre & Film – creating characters for actors

caracter3 Angelina3 AT_Angelina_Jolie_small
Ageing character with beard    /     Angelina Jolie from the movie The Tourist    /     Angelina Jolie look-alike      

Short film: Välkomna till Soltorp

Business prices:

Full day of 8 hours, makeup only = kr
Half day of 4 hours, makeup & hair = kr


Contact me for more information about; film advertisements; Feature films; Short films; Music videos etc.