Getting a Swedish Passport part 1


We have decided that we would like to become Swedish citizens, but we would also like to keep our South-African citizenship.  We thought it would make things easier for us if we would visit friends and family.

My husband still travels back and forth for work and if a future freelance opportunity arises for me, I would be able to accept the offer.

Not every country allows you to have dual citizenship, but luckily we could apply to retain our South-African citizenship.  The process takes a bit longer than expected.  They say it takes up to 4 – 6 months.  We finally got an answer after 7 months.  It has been approved and at least we have it now.

It is not possible to apply for a Swedish passport before you get an answer from the South-African Embassy.  If you do, then you will lose your chance of having a dual citizenship.

Now with this process in place, we can finally start the next process which is of course to apply for our Swedish passport & citizenship.  Hold thumbs!