Skin101 – what is your skin type?


So many of my clients does not know what skin type they have.  Which means the skin might probably not have that healthy glow which a bride normally longs for.  I have decided to help you, my reader, to know all the different types of skin and how to care for it.  So you can know how to take better care of your own skin.  After all, we have only one and it’s own largest organ. Did you know, there is no such thing as a normal skin when reaching adulthood?  Things that determine a skin type: your skin’s natural oil balance; your skin’s water levels; muscle tone; flexibility or elasticity; an active skin layer; blood circulation and texture.  There are so many environment factors which influences your skin type and condition like alcohol; smoking; the weather; vehicle gasses etc.  When keeping that in mind you can probably understand why I say there is no such thing as a normal skin by the time we become adults.  In fact, you can only have a normal skin between birth and your teenage years.  When a beautician or Dermatologist tells you that you have a normal skin, in the beauty world it actually means you have a combination skin.  More on that next time 🙂