Mia; Mia & Mia


A lot has happened the past few weeks, wonderful things. First of all my business, Mia Angeli Bei, has celebrated its fourth year as a registered business in Sweden last week.  This year, I will be celebrating my tenth year as a professional Makeup Artist.  In 2014 when I become pregnant, I focused on our makeovers. It didn’t really make sense to meet new people or sending my CV to agencies.  Last year I was raising a baby.  This year has so far been much better.  In summer our little boy will go to kindergarten. Hopefully I will have a better balance between raising a child and raising a business. The high wedding season has started. Have already done a few successful bridal makeup and hair trials; have worked for a film company from the UK; have done makeup & hair for someone who attended a Grand bal at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm and I’m currently busy with 5 different projects.  On Monday evening, wedding Photographer Cherrie Coutts told me that the celebrity & fashion Makeup Artist, Mia Högfeldt is looking for an assistant. I dropped everything and rushed to add my name on the list.  I was chosen! Wow what an amazing experience!  Still feels like I’m walking on air with my head in the clouds.  She’s a brilliant Makeup Artist with an amazing personality.  She made everything look so easy. Watching her work reminds me of how we used to play as kids in school, chatting, laughing and braiding each other’s hair.  I know I’m not a beginner in my field and when I met her I wanted to make a good impression.  I kept my cool and was professional, but when she told me she’s been a Makeup Artist for 25 years, I felt like an ant standing beside a giant and I could feel how I was crawling back in my shell.  So, if you are wondering why I was leaning with my head against hers, it’s not just because I admired her but also because I was so nervous that I had to lean on her…hahaha

At the end she gave me a beautiful bunch of flowers as a thank you.  Later this year we will sit down for a cup of coffee and she told me that we should do something together.  So, stay tuned my friends.