Our latest makeover


If you have been following my blog, then you should know by now that my business partner and I have started a makeover business together called Sputnes & van Staden Image Stylists.  We offer complete makeover packages to both private and corporate clients.  Karin is one of our recent private clients.  Her daughter decided to spoil her by buying a makeover from us. Karin booked her consultation a few months ahead to combine it with her visit to her daughter in Stockholm.  On the consultation day Sara and I discussed her needs with her.  She was stuck in a rut, have been wearing the same colors in the same style for years and needed a change in the right direction.  The black and white colors which she become so used to wearing, was not flattering for her skin tone.  The colors were too harsh for her and made her look pale. Sara and I did a color; body shape and style analysis and Sara guided her through some personal shopping.  On the day of the makeover, we were all so excited to see the end result. Karin bought new clothes for the photoshoot which were flattering for her body and skin tone.  I did her makeup and hair to suit her new look.  The reaction on her face when she first saw her herself was priceless!  This is just one of the million reasons why I love my job so much.  It didn’t take long before she felt at home in front of the camera.  We had so much fun that day, making jokes about what her husband will do and say on their planned trip to grease.  What a brilliant way to start the weekend.  Thank you so much for our Photographer, Daniel Gual for taking the pictures of Karin and making her feel at home.

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