Swedish citizenship

Swedish Citizenship

We have received our Swedish citizenship last year – remember I talked briefly about it previously.  This year our whole family received an invitation to celebrate our Swedish citizenship – medborgarceremoni at the Ulriksdal Slottsteater, Confidencen, a Royal Theatre, in Solna.  This was indeed a dear-diary moment.

While I was sitting, waiting for my name to be called, I thought about my journey in Sweden so far.  It has not always been easy.  I remember how I thought it would be easy to learn Swedish.  How I thought that speaking only English would not be a problem if I want to work in Sweden.  I remember how things were in the sfi (Swedish for immigrants) language classes.  All the different nationalities, cultures, religions & non-religious people being advised to work together on political projects & other sensitive matters.  I remember my first work interview – being so nervous, not understanding the Swedish work culture & language and making an absolute fool of myself.  Then I also thought about all the nice Swedish people which I met along the way which made me feel welcome.  From complete strangers who started a conversation in the grocery store or subway to the lady at our local coffee shop who helped me through the darker days.  All the friends we made & those who made me see the lighter side of things.  I also thought about my journey as Makeup Artist in Sweden.  How it started; what I have achieved so far and all the wonderful things which is lying ahead.

All these things went through my mind and I couldn’t help to shed a tear.  This is a wonderful milestone for me and I thank you Sweden for all your love.  At the end of the ceremony we were welcomed with glasses of wine and salmon sandwiches, yum!