Swedish Fashion Magazine: Guldknappen Awards & Fashion Show

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This is a dear diary moment, a big step in my career, a huge dream coming true.  I have had the privilege in doing makeup for an event for the Swedish Fashion Magazine, Damernas Värld.  It is a very prestigious event called “Guldknappen” or the gold button.  It is stretched over two days.  The first day is the fashion awards and the second day is the fashion show.  This is an event which the whole Sweden (and international) fashion lovers and celebrities are crazy about.  As Fashion Designer you have to comply to certain special criteria.  Your designs have to be unique and stand out among other things.  It is definitely not easy to win an award.  Anycase, the second day is the fashion show where the Fashion Designers get to showcase their designs in front of the Press; fashion lovers and influencers and of course celebrities.  This is where Damernas Värld (Woman’s World) is putting up a show like no other.  The guests sits and eat gourmet food while looking at the fashion and enjoying performances of singers and other artists.

Do you remember a bit earlier this year I met the celebrity & fashion Makeup Artist, Mia Högfeldt?  Remember that she said we can work together on something?  We were flying back from our weekend trip to Germany.  When I asked her if she would like to get a cup of coffee with me, she asked me if I would like to be in her team working on this event, both the awards and fashion show.  I couldn’t believe what I was wearing.  I was so excited, I did my little hippo dance and could feel how things are bubbling inside of me.  You would probably think I’m a softy because I was just so close to tears.  Last week Friday was the awards night.  I was excited, yes, but oh so nervous.  The first night I did some special occasion makeup on a few Swedish Celebrities; the Damernas Värld team and a few waitresses.  When the owner of the magazine stepped in the room to get ready by our team, I remember I had this huge smile on my face and I really had to start thinking of breathing…haha.  Mia did her makeup and she asked me to bring her client some water.  When I came to the kitchen, I searched for the cleanest water jug with the tallest cleanest glass and poured in the freshest coolest water.  Now I sound like that girl in Dirty Dancing where she told Johny “I carried a watermelon”.  Yes, I carried a water jug…haha.  Of course I have done makeup for other Swedish Celebrities or Artists and South-African soap stars & fashion shows before.  To any non-fashion related career person, this might sound silly of me to be this nervous, but you have to understand  I look up to these people and this specific magazine is my favorite Swedish Fashion Magazine.  I so want to get into the Swedish fashion industry and this is where I got a nice taste of it.

The second day, as mentioned previously, was the fashion show.  In the morning I couldn’t be there while our team was starting with the preparation and getting the models ready because I had a bride which makeup and hair I did.  Unfortunately I ended too late and couldn’t do the whole makeup for the models myself, but at least I could do some touch-ups and enjoy the show behind the scenes 🙂  It was so impressive to see how the fashion team operated.  Everything was planned up to the smallest detail.  There was enough people who helped the models get dressed and the models had to walk in a certain order.  Two British gentlemen accidentally came in through the wrong entrance and got their our sneak peak of behind the scenes..haha.  One of the models’ heel broke off.  Have you ever seen the Formula 1 car racing and how quick they have to be when changing the wheels at the pitstop?  Well this was similar but with fashion. I have never seen someone pulled off a model’s boots that quick.  Well done ladies!  Just have to mention, our team did the makeup and hair for the winner of the Guldknappen2016.  Stand is the brand: http://www.standofficial.com/about/

Model has one of the best careers.  They get free makeup & hair; they get to wear the latest fashion and at the end of this event they got a lot of free hair products.

Ever wondered what it looks like behind the scenes at a fashion show? go to my Instagram @miaangelibei to view more.  See more pictures from the event here: http://damernasvarld.se/kategori/guldknappen/