Swedish Fashion Magazine: Guldknappen Fashion Show: Day2


In my previous entry, I talked about my experience with the Swedish fashion magazine Damernas Värld – (Woman’s World) at their fashion awards and fashion show.

Now I would like to talk a bit about how it all started – my interest in the fashion industry; my previous experience working on other fashion shows and who/how I was contacted for this event.

First I need to apologise.  It was only after my previous blog was uploaded when I have been informed that it was in fact not celebrities which I did makeup on.  It was the team of the magazine and the waitresses who worked at the event.  Guess the information was lost in translation..haha

When I was a teenager I wanted to become a model.  I had a strong interest in the fashion and beauty industry.  I started at a modelling school to get lessons on how to walk like a model on a catwalk; what a model bag is and what should be in it; what a casting is and what it is like behind the scenes at a fashion show.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember all the models’ names and tried to research it.  I can’t remember the name of the modelling school, only that the owner was close friends with 1990’s Miss South-Africa: Suzette van der Merwe.  They told me that I should help to get models dressed at a certain fashion show to get an idea of what it is like backstage.  I am pretty sure that one of the models were Karin Barnard, the late Chris Barnard‘s (heart surgeon) ex wife.  It was so crazy backstage.  To people watching a fashion show, it looks so good, so organised, models are walking on a relaxed beat, but backstage is something completely different.  It is actually very funny if you are an outsider looking in.  As soon as the model is stepping off the catwalk, she starts to undress.  Sometimes the models had to run to their next outfit and on their way, you would just see clothes flying. Backstage are so fast paced.  At this particular show, it felt that I couldn’t keep up and afterwards I wondered if this was for me.  It didn’t help either that modelling agencies told me that I couldn’t be a model because of my height.  Later, I did get into a model agency for commercials which paid very well.  Today, I am so glad that I didn’t give up with the fashion & beauty industry because my interest developed into me becoming a Makeup Artist.  Now, I like this fast paced industry.

Before we moved to Sweden, I did makeup for a few fashion shows.  Some celebrities at one of the fashion shows were Jana Strydom (Egoli & 7de Laan) and Jak de Priester (Musician).  This time things were much better and I enjoyed doing makeup on them.

To get back to Day 2 at the Damernas Värld’s fashion show…

Remember how nervous I was at the Awards, the previous night.  Well, I reminded myself that I have been working on celebrities before and have done work for fashion shows.  So, this time I was not nervous at all.  In fact I was very calm and at one stage I had to run up the stairs like in the past, to get wet wipes.  This time I could feel my but jumping up and down with me with a few seconds delay…haha

Remember how I was contacted to work at this event.  Remember how I have been told that I wouldn’t get into a model agency.  Recently, I have been told that I wouldn’t get into a Makeup Artist agency because I’m not the same type of person as the crew.  Who knows, this event could be my key to getting into the Swedish fashion industry or it may not.  One thing is for certain I will not stop and I will not give up until I have achieved my goal as Makeup Artist because if you can dream it, you can make it so 🙂