Fashion for a good cause


As most of you already know, I lost my mother due to cancer and I like to support the cancer foundation in the hope that they will one day found a cure for this illness.  Each year in October the foundation has a campaign which runs the whole month to collect funds for research and awareness. There are two interesting facts which I did not know about this year’s pink ribbon.  Our very own Swedish Crown Prinses Victoria is the official guardian of the Cancer Foundation for the past 18 years.  Normally a Fashion Designer is asked to design the foundation’s pink ribbon, but this year the Oscar winning actress Alicia Vikander designed this year’s ribbon.  Interesting enough, I didn’t know that she is Swedish.  She received an Oscar this year for the film The Danish Girl.   I read her story on the Royal Swedish women’s magazine DAM and couldn’t help to get watery eyes.

Alicia’s mother was diagnosed with cancer about five years ago when she got the opportunity to play in a film in Australia.  She was determined to stay at home and support her mother.  She is her mother’s only child.  Her mother on the other hand refused her to stay and she went to kickstart her career in Australia.  It was very difficult for her to leave her mother and she felt a lot of guilt.  Luckily, today her mother is free from cancer, but still has to go for regular check-ups.  Read the whole story here: Here is the link:


The fashion store, Lindex had a “Pink Saturday” last weekend where you could get 10% discount on your total shopping purchase.  At the same time they also gave 10% of the sales profit from this collection to the cancer foundation.  They have this pretty pink and gold leather bracelet which I saw on Instagram. I got my bracelet & pink ribbon to show my support.  There are still a few left at Solna Centrum. You can read more about the fashion in the Swedish magazine, Damernas Värld and on the Swedish fashion store’s website, Lindex.  Here is the link:

I found some information about Alicia Vikander on Wikipedia.  It is in Swedish and you can translate it in Google Translate if needed.  Here is the link: