Meeting with the Swedish Fashion Talents and the rebirth of a Danish Fashion Brandt

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Each year, I like to talk about the Swedish Fashion Talents because of two reasons.  I like fashion shows and as a Makeup Artist I want to know what is new and trending in the fashion industry.

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Normally I attend these fashion shows, but have this year been too late and missed the date.  Luckily, this passing week, I could still visit the Stockholm Fashion District to talk to the Swedish Fashion Talents.  What better way than to meet them in person.  To understand what their fashion brand is all about and what inspires them.  Jessica from Eve’s Eye Picture Perfect was so kind to follow me and taking a few pictures for my blog.  Thank you Jessica!

Photo by Jessica Hanlon – Eve’s Eye Picture Perfect

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There are only 3 brands which I am going to talk about this time.  My favorite brand this year is AMA AWE.  Amandah Andersson founded the brand in 2015.  The brand is more about thoughts than trends and each piece tells a story.  The story is about how consumption works and humankind’s role in it.

Meet Amandah Andersson. Photo by Jessica Hanlon – Eve’s Eye Picture Perfect

When I met Amandah she was wearing one of her own designer Kimonos and her makeup was minimalistic.  She had a deep pink lipstick on and just a dot of black under her eyes.  Her makeup look reminded me of something Asian.  Yes, I know it was a trend not too long ago 🙂  It all made sense when we started talking.

Photo by Jessica Hanlon – Eve’s Eye Picture Perfect

They are making sustainable fabrics wich does not contain harmful chemicals.  The style is simple, yet classic and unique.  The fashion pieces are an investment which will last for years.  Amandah designs the actual print from story collages which she puts together. These collages are then printed, through reactive digital print, on Habotai silk from China.

Show piece. Photo by Jessica Hanlon – Eve’s Eye Picture Perfect

The show piece is so beautiful.  These pants are made from decotess fabric, but the collection is more about the kimono which can be styled with tights or pants or however you like.  The kimono flows and moves as you moves and the movement is all about globalisation.  Here is the link to the official website:

Meet Naemi from Malmö. Photo by Jessica Hanlon – Eve’s Eye Picture Perfect

The Second brand Naemi Gustavsson is a very interesting mens fashion brand.  She is using sustainable methods to create the fashion from waist materials.  Some of the linen pieces are coated with wax. 

Fashion pieces. Photo by Jessica Hanlon – Eve’s Eye Picture Perfect

Of course I had to touch the materials.  Some of it felt rugged, raw and really strong.  It is very functional.  There were long pants where the bottom part can be removed to have a calf-length pair of pants.  This means you could wear it from spring time to autumn.

Winter short pants. Photo by Jessica Hanlon – Eve’s Eye Picture Perfect

 There were also thicker short winter pants which I thought was a smart idea.  In a way this brand reminded me of my husband’s favorite brand called G-star RAW with their rugged look.  Here is the link:

Photo by Jessica Hanlon – Eve’s Eye Picture Perfect

The third brand was not part of the Fashion Talents, but was really so beautiful that I decided to write about them as well.

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The name is Margit Brandt and it is from Copenhagen.  The brand consisted of Fashion Designers Margit and her husband Erik. This fashion brand was very popular and well known all over the world since the 1970’s.  They were the bigest in Denmark and they sold to countries like Tokio; Paris; Milan and even America.  You could find their fashion collections at the showrooms of Harrods; Takashimaya and Bloomingdales.

Book about Margit and Erik Brandt. Photo by Jessica Hanlon – Eve’s Eye Picture Perfect

They were way before their time and a bit provocative.  This is a story which I have to tell you.  There was a magazine back in the 1970’s which were going to talk about their brand.  Their collection were not ready but they had to show something.  So they decided to show nothing….haha There were models in the magazine who wore either just pants or nothing at all.


Poster at the exhibition and photos from their book: Being Brandt. iPhone happy snaps by me

You can imagine what the conservative Danes thought about it back then.  Some people couldn’t understand it because it was too crazy.  They worked closely with names like Balmain and Louis Féraud and they partied at Studio 54 with Andy Warhol; Mick Jagger and David Bowie.

Photo by Jessica Hanlon – Eve’s Eye Picture Perfect

Unfortunately Margit passed away in 2011 due to cancer.  The brand has been bought over and their first relaunch will be available in spring time this year. 


Danish Fashion Magazine:IN – Talking about the relaunch.  iPhone happy snap by me

Book about Margit and Erik Brandt’s fashion journey. iPhone happy snap by me

Their clothing will be available at Åhlens and household articles at Bolighus Illums interiordesign.  Here is the link to their website:

Thank you for following me and reading my journey as Makeup Artist in another country 🙂