Getting my Swedish “Gesällbrev”

Last year, I started to give make-up lessons and providing practical experience to makeup artist students.  My students are from Plusgymnasiet.

In Sweden, if you want to be a qualified makeup artist, there is one specific certification which you should try to obtain.  This is called apprentice letter or “gesällbrev” in Swedish.

The Swedish Esthetics Federation (SEYF) prepares the certification and Sweden’s craft council or “Sveriges Hantverskråd” is approving it.

There are certain requirements.  First of all,  you need to show that you have worked for a certain amount of hours.  So, you can either 1. study at Plusgymnasiet where they will organise internships for you while you are studying or 2. you have to been working as a Make-up Artist to make up the certain amount of working hours.

Recently, an opportunity came upon my path which I just could not refuse.  My colleague, Mårten was going to make a film about the practical part of the examination.  This examination is called “gesällprov” in Swedish.  There was one opening and long story short, I filled it.

You would need to organise your own model for the practical part.  Most of my friends couldn’t make it on such short notice.  Luckily, my colleague, Sara was available and willing to sit as my model.  The only problem is, she is still breastfeeding and there was a time limit for the makeup application.  You can probably think how it went down.  If you are a mother, you are probably chuckling a bit now.

1960’s makeup with false eyelashes and drawn-in lashes.

The first makeup look:

There were two different makeup looks which we could do.  I chose to do a 1960’s look on Sara.  When creating the second look, you can build on the first one, but it should be something creative.

Now, moms, imagine a sick little baby rocking in her baby car seat.  The baby probably thought who is this lady competing for attention from my source of comfort and food.  Sara was rocking the car seat with one foot while turning her body as I was moving around her to apply the makeup on her.  Every now and then, she had to pick up her baby or put the pacifier back in her mouth.   At the time I was applying false eyelashes, the baby became really hungry.  Sara picked her up and started to breastfeed her while I was continuing with the rest of the makeup and hairstyling.  What a fascinating thing makeup should be to a baby.  Imagine all those wonderful colors and interesting tools.

1970’s disco makeup

The second makeup look:

We had less time with the second make-up, but considering all the challenges, I think it was a job well done. The second look was a 1970’s look. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to get creative.  If you look closer, you will notice that I started to draw a line which I weren’t allowed to remove.  When thinking about the time, you can compare it to one of those tv-baking programs.  If the time is up, you have to remove the cake from the oven whether it’s done or not.

I have to say, the theorie part was hard.  It was a lot of written Swedish words and paragraphs.

Still, I passed both my exams and it should say something about my level of Swedish 🙂

The next time I opened my bag, I found the baby’s pacifier lying on the bottom of my kit.