Fashion make-up and hair styling:

Having first-hand experience with this fast-paced industry, I do understand the fashion industry’s demands and take on all tasks with equal accuracy.

Having makeup education and professional experience as a makeup artist in two different countries, has increased my creativity and my ambition in every detail.

Fashion is not just about beauty, it’s about creating a certain character, a fantasy world or a certain vision which the artist have.
Fashion is about telling a story and it is my passion to make that story come alive through the art of make-up.

Here is a link to the blog about my latest fashion project with our team called Fashion Approved:

Business Prices:

In case of larger fashion shows or other larger projects, be sure to discuss the budget in advance.

Full day of 8 hours, makeup only = 8 000 kr
Half day of 4 hours, makeup & hair = 4 000 kr

Client References:

Mia Van Staden comes highly recommended by me afternumerous work occasions together, she is highly skilled,professional and social …easy to work with, with good ideas andinitiative. Me, after working as a photographer for 32 years, goodpeople are hard to come by…Mia is one of the good ones! (-Photographer Peter Högel SE-)

“Mia was the MUA (MakeUpArtist) for the Marilyn Monroe session with Megan H and myself.  To say it was a makeup session is only a quarter of the result… it was poetry in motion. Thanks Mia, an outstanding bit of art and very well executed!!! AJN Images (-Photographer SA-)”

“Carre MIA Bella!!! What a Beautiful, talentful and fun MUA (MakeUpArtist) to work with.  Her work is mind blowing, perfect and so colourful – just like her.
Thanks Mia, it was an absolute honour to have been touched by your make-up brushes!!!! SandyV (-Model SA-)”

“Wow!!! The most professional make-up artist I’ve seen so far.  I even had to fill out a form.  Great to work with and very patient.  Thanx for making me look gorgeous. Megan Horak (-Model SA-)”